Friendship Bracelets, Part 2

For the second friendship bracelet in this series, I’m sharing a pattern that I stumbled upon inadvertently while trying to remember how to make a different bracelet. It resulted in another cord-style bracelet with an interesting texture.


Take a look at the video below if you’d like to see how to make one for yourself!

As I mentioned in the video, this is currently my favorite bracelet to make, so I hope you like it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

Next time I’ll be showing how to create the bracelet that I tried to make in the first place, which actually uses a macrame knot, so it’s a little different than the knots I’ve shown so far but is also a fun one to make.

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Friendship Bracelets, Part 1

I was obsessed with making friendship bracelets when I was younger. I spent hours and hours tying little knots that turned into all different kinds of patterns. Recently my nieces, Caitlin & Alyssa (both 7), reintroduced me to my old love, and I’ve been making them non-stop since.

Because I’ve been having such fun with these, it seemed like a good idea to kick off this new site with a series of tutorials about how to create your own friendship bracelets. I hope you’ll take a look and feel inspired to make one for yourself. Or even for a friend!

The first video is a brief introduction to the basic supplies you’ll need. Pretty much, you just need embroidery floss, scissors, and tape, but it’s a quick intro to watch if you want a little more detail.

The next video is the first actual tutorial in the series. You’ll learn the basic knot that you’ll need for all the upcoming tutorials that I’ll be sharing, and also end up with a very cute spiral friendship bracelet in the process.

In addition to what I say in the video, I also wanted to mention that you can always try it with shorter strings to practice the knots before committing to a full length bracelet.

If you have any questions about the process or supplies, feel free to ask in the comments or on twitter: @aisforanika

I’m looking forward to creating the next tutorial, and I already know which bracelet I’m going to do, so stay tuned!

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